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Baker's Dozen Shower Steamers

$42.00 $45.50 Each

If there are any specific Shower Steamers you would like, specify them here.

We still have individual steamers available, we're just temporarily not offering the Baker's Dozen option.

This fun and fragrant box contains a refreshingly steamy mix of not 12, but 13 ultra-luxurious shower steamers! Let our unique shower steamer formula open your senses with real menthol crystals for a refreshing shower experience.

We can pick 13 of our top selling shower steamers to send to you, or you can choose your personal favorites by including them in the description box above.


How to Use: These beauties are not for bath use! Unwrap the shower steamer and place it in a corner of your shower that allows it to come in contact with the stream of water from the shower head. As the steamer dissolves, it will add aroma-therapeutic steam to your shower, melting the real menthol crystals to help refresh and open your senses.

Product Notes: Outside decor may vary

Ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, menthol crystals, essential oils, witch hazel, and mica colorant

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